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Cryotherapy in osteoporosis

"Cryotherapy is use of temperature lower than -100 degrees C onto body surface, for 2-3 minutes, in aim to cause physiological reactions for cold and to use such adapting reactions. Organism's positive response to cryotherapy supports treatment of basic disease and facilitates kinesitherapy. Low temperature may be obtained by use of air flow cooled with liquid nitrogen..."

Five-day whole-body cryostimulation, blood inflammatory markers, and performance in high-ranking professional tennis players

"Tournament season can provoke overreaching syndrome in professional tennis players, which may lead to deteriorated performance. Thus, appropriate recovery methods are crucial for athletes in order to sustain high-level performance and avoid injuries. We hypothesized that whole-body cryostimulation could be applied to support the recovery process..."

Effects of whole-body cryotherapy in the management of adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder

"To compare 2 different treatment approaches, physical therapy modalities, and joint mobilization versus whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) combined with physical therapy modalities and joint mobilization, for symptoms of adhesive capsulitis (AC) of the shoulder..."

Effect of whole body cryotherapy interventions on health-related quality of life in fibromyalgia patients: A randomized controlled trial.

"Although fibromyalgia syndrome (SFM) affects 2-4 percent of adults, research has not identified a preferred therapeutic option for patients worldwide yet. Based on recent findings, it can be expected that whole body cryotherapy can improve health-reported quality of life by alleviating the symptoms of musculoskeletal pain and fatigue..."

Malattie articolari e crioterapia

"La crioterapiaè nota ormai per essere particolarmente efficace per alleviare gli stati dolorosi. Tuttavia, viene impiegata per curare patologie infiammatoriee affaticamento muscolare, spesso sperimentate dai professionisti dello sport..."

Whole-Body Cryotherapy Decreases the Levels of Inflammatory, Oxidative Stress, and Atherosclerosis Plaque Markers in Male Patients with Active-Phase Ankylosing Spondylitis in the Absence of Classical Cardiovascular Risk Factors.

"The aim of the study was to estimate the impact of whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) on cardiovascular risk factors in patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS)..."

12 Proven Health Benefits of Cold Exposure and Cold Showers

"From freezing showers to cryotherapy tanks, cold exposure is in vogue amongst health-conscious people. And rightly so; simple practices that can enhance nervous system health, decrease inflammation and promote longevity are rare..."

Optimal cooling strategies for players in Australian Tennis Open conditions.

"We compared the utility of four cooling interventions for reducing heat strain during simulated tennis match-play in an environment representative of the peak conditions possible at the Australian Open (45°C, <10% RH, 475W/m2 solar radiation)..."

La crioterapia sistemica è efficace, ma dev’essere sempre associata alla terapia convenzionale

"Il ricercatore ha pubblicato uno studio da cui emerge che i pazienti affetti da fibromialgia trattati con questo metodo hanno una migliore qualità di vita..."